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Who is Doolphy for?

Doolphy is your online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control all your projects and tasks.

The best tool for companies with a project-based activity

2. Technology, IT, Software Development, Mobile Applications

You manage different teams, and you find planning and time estimation essential to meet deadlines of projects such as web applications or other kind of enterprise software.

Part of your projects is developed by external companies that can be geographically dispersed..

For web applications, software development... Sign up for Doolphy now!

How does Doolphy help you?

  • Management of both individual and collective milestones and tasks
  • Agile delegation and assignation of tasks among users
  • Depiction and analysis of the progress of projects and tasks
  • Profitability analysis of each project
  • All the information in a single place
  • File sharing
  • User Management
Technology, Software Development, Mobile Applications

Doolphy's Features

  • Multiple projects
  • Tasks and milestones
  • Project templates
  • Task dependencies
  • Gantt chart
  • Time sheets
  • File Browser
  • Comments in tasks
  • Notifications and recent activity
  • User Stats Report
  • Time reports
  • Financial reports
  • Task reports
  • Unlimited users