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Who is Doolphy for?

Doolphy is your online project management tool that helps you to plan, check and control all your projects and tasks.

The best tool for companies with a project-based activity

Which companies use Doolphy?

Thanks to Doolphy all the information of a project is stored in a single place and it is available to all involved parts. It is a essential tool for any company that performs a project based activity (graphic design, advertisement, software development, professional services, NGOs, ...)

Design Agencies, Advertisement, Social Media

1. Marketing Agencies: Graphic Design, Advertisement, Social Media

You need to simultaneously develop marketing projects, for example, advertisement campaings, SEO, SEM, social network communication or cataloge design in addition to having to exchange information with your work team and freelances. A good organization is fundamental to be able of efficiently managing the time and resources of projects and tasks, and to be able to meet your customers' deadlines.

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For your marketing projects... Use Doolphy!

2. Technology, IT, Software Development, Mobile Applications

You manage different teams in which planning and time estimation are essential to meet deadlines of projects such as web applications or other kind of enterprise software. Part of your projects is developed by third companies that can be geographically dispersed.

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For software application development... Use Doolphy!
Technology, Software Development, Mobile Applications
Professional Services: Consulting, Auditing, Marketing, Law

3. Professional Services: Consulting, Auditing, Law

You are involved in different projects from different fields (finances, engineering, architecture, legal consulting...), which frequently are defined by the number of hours that the members of the team spend on it. And that's why you have to evaluate the profitability of a project taking into account the total effort invested by the employees to it.

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For consulting, auditing... Use Doolphy!

4. Foundations, Non-profit Organizations, NGOs

You use applications and tools that help you to be more efficient while working with geographically dispersed teams (remote offices, international exchanges, ...) You need a centralized place where you can share information and keep track of your projects.

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For social projects, NGOs... Use Doolphy!
Foundations, Non-profit Organizations, NGOs