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What is Doolphy?

Doolphy is your online project management tool that helps you to plan, execute and analyze.

Define projects, collaborate, work with your team and track your project progress.


Doolphy helps you to plan and manage all the resources of your projects, milestones and tasks.

Get an overall picture of your work and the work of your teammates.

Multiple projects

Easily track the development and progress of all your projects

Tasks and milestones

Manage your tasks at your ease thanks to detailed lists. Set milestones to easily identify the stages of a project

Gantt chart

Check in a glimpse the planning and progress of projects and tasks. Identify milestones


Keep your customers' information in the integrated database within the application


Use project templates to reuse information of already existing projects

Task dependencies

Task dependencies allow you to create start-end relationships between your tasks so that their relative order is explicitly set.

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Find out in real-time the state of all tasks and projects, thanks to the possibility of charging time to tasks by each user.

Share information, optimize collaboration and teamwork.

Expense Management

Keep track of all the expenses of a project, and find out the actual investiment and the real benefit


Keep track of how you distribute your effort among your tasks and how it contributes to the overall effort of the project

Roles and Permissions

Assign a different role to each user to ensure everyone access only to the information they need.

File Browser

Share all kind of files with the rest of the users that are assigned to a project in a secure and organized way

Comments in tasks

Comment all the tasks you're assigned to and stay connected with other users that are working on them.

Notifications and recent activity

See what happens around your projects, tasks and other daily activity

Task reports

Get a global picture of the current tasks according to their priority (high, medium, low) or their state (panned, in progress, closed)

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Analyze the progress of your projects. Are they profitable? Are there deviations over the initial plan?

Measure the success of your projects according to time and profitability

User Stats Report

Find out how much effort is spent in each task by each user, and you will be able to optimize the workload assignation

Time reports

Track the effort that has been spent in each project and task

Financial reports

Find out the profitability and margin of your projects at any moment in order to ensure their success

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