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About us

Doolphy was born in 2009 with the single goal of creating an online project management tool that can respond to all the requirements of the different people that are involved in a project and that can be used by all kind of companies that perform a project based activity.

During Doolphy's first months of life, its users enjoyed a free Beta version that was used to make it public and improve it with their feedback. After that, in 2010, new price plans were released to allow users to choose the account type that better fits their needs. Since then, we haven't stopped improving the application and adding new features to it: reports, roles and permissions, ...

And Doolphy is still growing! The Doolphy team brings all the enthusiasm and energy to developing an application progressively more complete and fitted to your needs. That's why the most important thing for us is your opinion and suggestions. The users are the true value of Doolphy, your online project management application!

Let's talk!

If you want to be part of the Doolphy team or if you have any doubt, suggestion or want to tell us anything about the application, send us a message:

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Thousands of users are using Doolphy around the world!