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What do they say about us?

(Blog in English)

“Doolphy is easy, intuitive, complete and great!”

“If you are interested in a solution with great interface and, one that is cheap as well, then Doolphy is for you. One of the best things about the Doolphy team is their willingness to learn and introduce new features based on user feedback. So, even if you don’t find that you need, just put in a request and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised.”

(Blog in English)

“Doolphy is an interesting project management application that offers more financial tools than many of its competitors”

“If you’re looking for an application that can help you plan, organize, and schedule your business tasks, then you’ve already got plenty of well-established systems to choose from. If you’re looking for a web-app that can do all that – plus, help you manage your business costs with detailed financial graphs and profit sheets then Doolphy was created for you.”

(Blog in English)

”Doolphy has been awarded and recognized by as one of the Best Web Tools for Project Management Software category”

“From Project Management to their software products, Doolphy provides the best quality products and services for your web solutions needs.”

(Blog in Spanish)

“With Doolphy you can manage your businness in a easy and direct way”

Once you start using it, project management becomes less of a burden. One of the most polished aspects is the management, planning and optimization of time and expenses. Those are good reasons to use this application.

(Blog in Spanish)

“Almost perfect”

“Collaborative environment that allows to share information, files and documents among the team members that are assigned to a project, without any limit in the number of users and with very detailed graphical reports that make Doolphy an excelent alternative.”

(Blog in Spanish)

“Dynamic and usable graphical environment that achieves a high degree of satisfaction among its customers”

“It allows you to manage and track all kinds of projects, keeping under control the budget that is assigned to them.”